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Zurich escort Anna Love is a sexy and classy Switzerland female companion that understands the needs of discerning gentlemen. CLICK HERE to see photos!
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My name is Anna. I’m from Zurich and I am an independent escort. Please understand that our connection is very personal to me, and this is important so that we can both directly and easily plan a sparkling, sensual time together. How we connect in email or on the phone can easily play a role in advance for whether there is true harmony between us… and this is necessary. Common interests and erotic preferences are key towards us enjoying our time together, don’t you agree?

With my charm, my humor, my joy, my spontaneity and my optimism, I will transport you back out of the mundane into a world of fantasy and eroticism that you cannot possibly imagine.

Aside from my sensually, soft body welcoming you, I also welcome you with a warm heart, intelligent mind and a spirit full of optimism. My intuition and my endearing smile will melt you completely for a relaxing, stress free time to enjoy every breathless minute we spend together.

We will feel a sense of familiarity and completion, because I love to indulge in sensuality and passion with men… and I do love to be pampered as well.

– Are you curious to experience an adventure with my erotic fantasies and desires?
– With happy and fulfilling moments that you will never forget?

I am a confident, intelligent lady and love a beautiful candlelight dinner with good entertainment and erotic intimacy.

Note that being an Escort is a passion for me that I gladly indulge in during my spare time. Advance notice and booking time with me is always best. It allows me more time to prepare so that I can fulfill your request and for you to enjoy our time together all the more.


City: Zürich City
Nationality: Swiss
Occupation: Lifestyle Consultant
Zodiac: Sagittarius
Age: Mid 30’s
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown

Interests: Nature, People, Economics, News & Politics

Languages: German, French & English

Persona: Compared to other escorts, I am considered to be upscale, stunningly stylish, witty, charming, funny and moving. I am an elegant lady of Swiss origin who is full of style and class. I’m your high class escort for special occasions and moments. I am appreciative and especially attentive towards our time spent together. I always make sure our date will be a pleasurable, discreet and memorable experience that will surely last a lifetime.



Business Etiquette

In order to be more comfortable and get the business side out of the way, I ask that you kindly take care of the fee at the beginning of our encounter. This way we can concentrate on each other and enjoy our time together relaxing.

Personal Issues

Here are a few personal issues so that our date is a success: My hourly rates are non-negotiable – sorry, but no exceptions. I ask you to respect this. Integrity, respect and appreciation of my work should be self-evident.

Personal Hygiene

Shower please, thoroughly, for a maximum of one hour before our date. I take pride in how I look, smell and taste. I do take time to get ready for our date, so I expect no less from a distinguished gentleman such as yourself.

Personal Touching

My breasts are like pillows, you are allowed to touch them softly, the softer the better. This is also true for my clitoris. Whether you choose to use your tongue or fingers, always remember, you can never be gentle enough.

I am very open and happy to perform to your liking, so let me know what your preferences are so that I may satisfy you better. Even if I do something you do not like, please tell me!

You can kiss me and gently lick me. I have a versatile wardrobe and can dress according to your wishes, just ask me. You will feel no pressure at all with me. Cleanliness and hygiene are of course important and will be expected. I’m very sensitive, tender and passionate… and like all women, I do enjoy being pampered and spoiled.

I love what I do and I appreciate you. I love repeat customers and I am somewhat selective, as I do not believe in “mass treatment.” I look forward to a nice, straightforward, respectful, sensual and erotic encounter with you!



All rates are listed in Swiss Francs. For USD conversion, click here.

1 Hour 400 CHF
2 Hours 700 CHF
3 Hours 1000 CHF
4 Hours 1200 CHF
5 Hours 1400 CHF
8 Hours 2000 CHF

I am also available for international travel. Please contact me for rates.


The best gift is to see you coming back for another Rendez-Vous! Apart from that, I do not expect any gifts and gifts are not required. However, if you would like to spoil me, your generosity is always appreciated and never forgotten.



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